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Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

Calavera Hills Middle School is a community of students, families, teachers and staff who are dedicated to providing a caring and safe environment in which students can pursue opportunities for greatness and growth.


Our Vision

Calavera Hills Middle School students are responsible global citizens who are adaptive to an ever-changing world and successfully pursue a life of fulfillment and purpose.


Our Mission

Calavera Hills Middle School is a student-centered learning community powered by meaningful, relevant and rigorous content. We use critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity to instill college and career skills in our students.


Our Core values


  • We welcome all people and value their perspectives and contributions.


  • We believe that members of our learning community should treat one another with compassion and empathy.


  • We believe that taking risks encourages growth and new discovery.


  • We believe in the joy of learning and the celebration of successes.


  • We believe our community is essential to the success of our students. We are united in our efforts to empower students to effect positive change.