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All the world’s a stage...and YOU should be on it!

6th Grade Drama Wheel: This is a nine week introductory class to Theater where students will learn the basics of acting which include: improvisational activities, spatial awareness exercises, collaborative games, along with strengthening communication and public speaking skills. This class culminates in a short theatrical performance in front of family, friends, and the entire 6th grade!

7th/8th Grade Drama Class: This is a year round Theater class which focuses heavily on acting techniques, improvisational games and performances. This class emphasizes student growth in acting, directing, playwriting, technical design and theater history. This course includes a Winter “Radio Play” performance, and a Musical performance at either Sage Creek High School or Carlsbad High School during the beginning of February. This course also allows students the opportunity to compete in Drama festivals, such as the DTASC festival and the San Diego Shakespeare Festival held in Balboa Park! Students who maintain a “B” or higher in the class earn the privilege to go on our end-of-the-year field trip to Disneyland where students will participate in an acting workshop inside the Theme Park! 



Ms. Ginny Renda

760-331-6400  ext 6405/6451